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"...As for the Baja tour itself--it was magnificent! We rode through a very rugged land with some spectacular scenery. Our destination of Loreto included a great hotel and some very fun times. The tour was just the right mix for adventure--it had some tough days and some easy days, some exciting parts, and good companionship. I have to compliment you on the good job you did. You are a real Man of Action! I couldn't believe how much work you accomplished to make this tour a success. And when tragedy struck, you stepped up to the plate and accepted the responsibility of dealing with it. Right now I am considering ending my motorcycling career. I have already ridden motorcycles in 35 different countries. I just turned 64, and with my health issues, it may be time to call it quits. My wife is also complaining about the amount of time I've spent away from home. If it turns out that the Baja tour was my last ride, then at least I'll know that I went out with a real adventure. Thanks again for the excellent tour, and for your outstanding leadership." Kelly - Napa, CA

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