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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mexico Safe?

Like anywhere else in the world, if you are looking for trouble you will find it. Baja is NOT Mexico mainland. Baja has always been considered the safest part of all of Mexico. I have lived and traveled there for over 20 years. 


Mexico City (mainland) and Washington D.C have the same murder rate, while Detroit, Las Vegas, & New Orleans have 2-3 times that of Mexico. The percentages of crimes are lower in Baja than in your own city. 

The media does their job of putting fear into all of us. You write YOUR OWN story here.

What do I need to bring?

We will mail out an itinerary and suggested packing list 30 days prior to tour departure. Make sure you have a current US passport and driver's license as these would be the only items not readily available.

What about extra activities?

We can arrange extras like golf, fishing trips, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving,ATV/ PWC rentals, dinner cruises, you name it! Just let us know what you would be interested in. We will arrange these things at the best price to you with no mark-up for us. We've done this so many times, they know we are coming!

Do we ride every day?

There are several extra days provided for unexpected weather, mechanics, extra activities, or just relaxing. These days vary dependent on the needs of all the travelers in each group and are decided collectively with the aid of your well-seasoned, bi-lingual guides.

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